5 Things to Look For in a Grill Brush

Arlo & Janis - Dirty Grill

Arlo & Janis - Dirty Grill

A clean grill is a happy grill.  It prevents sticking and make the experience more enjoyable.  Here are a few tips for choosing a grill brush.

1.  Choose a model with a long, sturdy handle.

2.  Make sure your grill brush has a hole or strap to be able to hang it up.

3.  2 sides are better than one.  One side of your grill brush should have either brass or stainless steel bristles for cleaning in and around the cooking grate.  The other side should have more of a scrub pad.  This is used to “buff” the grate clean to prevent sticking.

4.  A metal scraper on the end of the brush helps remove stubborn, burned on crud.

5.  Skip the motorized grill brushes.  They don’t save any time and hardly any energy.

Here’s the grill brush I use and recommend — Mr. Bar-B-Q Oversized Dual Grill BrushGrill Brushes)

There are many different models available.  Pick them up, make sure they feel good in your hand, and look for these features.  Your grill will thank you!

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  • Jenny

    Outset has the best Grill brush to clean your grill very clean and for it to look like a brand new grill.