7 reasons to cook in a cast iron dutch oven

I received a pair of Lodge Logic 6-Quart Pre-Seasoned Dutch Ovens for Christmas this year and to celebrate, here’s a list of features that make cast iron dutch ovens an important part of my outdoor cooking arsenal.

Lodge Logic 6 quart preseasoned cast iron dutch oven

Lodge Logic 6 quart pre-seasoned cast iron dutch oven


  • Cast iron heats evenly — The thick gauge of cast iron minimizes hot spots, which helps prevent burning.  It also retains heat well.  Once a dutch oven is hot, it stays that way.
  • Versatility — A dutch oven can be used to bake, stew, braise, sear, and fry.  Just about anything normally cooked in the oven or on the stove can be cooked in a dutch oven.
  • Heat from the top down and bottom up — The legs on the bottom raise the dutch oven off the ground to make room for charcoal briquettes.  The lip on the lid keeps coals from rolling off the top.
  • Need a grill? — You can use your dutch oven as a grill for kebobs or skewers.  Simply load it up with lit charcoal and place skewers.
  • The lid is its own reward — Flip the lid over and you have a nonstick griddle for pancakes, bacon, eggs, and other foods.
  • It carries its own weight — The heavy gauge wire bail makes a dutch oven easy to carry.  You can also hang it over a fire using a tripod to slow cook a roast or stew.
  • Well-seasoned — A properly seasoned dutch oven creates a durable non-stick surface that makes cooking enjoyable and also reduces cleanup time.

I hope this list convinces you of the benefits of cast iron cooking.  Give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed!


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