Happy Mother’s Day

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First of all, happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there.

Mother’s Day, for the past couple of years has been a time of quiet introspection in our house.  Liz was a mom before Timothy arrived.  She has a daughter.  She didn’t have any of the physical mothering duties to attend to, but that doesn’t change the fact that Samantha is her child.

We celebrated by going out for breakfast at the recently opened Daily Diner in the Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul (which was really good, by the way).  We had to hold and feed a fussy baby, but we’re happy to have the opportunity this time.

While we were out, it was amazing to me how many people wished Liz a happy Mother’s Day and asked if it was her first.  We’d say yes, not interested in explaining the whole thing.  This was to strangers.

What surprised me is how many people that walked with us after Samantha passed that specifically called this Liz’s first Mother’s Day.  I know they didn’t mean anything by it, but it amazes me how soon we forget what others have gone through.

Happy THIRD Mother’s day, Liz!

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