The other side of receiving

Raun's BlogI’ve heard many stories lately of God’s provision.  People need food and miraculously food is left on their doorstep.  A child needs a $6000 medical procedure right after a check for $6000 is received.  A business decision is made to stop a stream of income that is working to make room for one that works might work better — and then it does.

All of these have been mentioned by people I’ve listened to or read recently.  It struck me for the first time that someone, a person, had executed the gift.  The food was left anonymously.  The check was from a specific person.  Customers are happily buying what was offered in the new business concept.  Yet, these small acts changed lives.

So, if God is telling people to give these things to these people, they must have been listening.  They felt compelled to act in that specific way that made the right difference.  What would happen if God told you to give something and you didn’t hear it?  Is it possible that those people would be left suffering?  Would God find another person to fill the need?

Where would the world be if we all did the small things God asked of us?  We spend a lot of time asking God to come through for us.  Let’s ask what we can do instead.

This is a little heavier than most posts, but since the idea popped into my head, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.  I wonder what opportunities have been placed in front of me that I ignored or didn’t even see.  Who could I have helped?

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  • Chris Peek

    Great thoughts Raun! It scares me to think about this to be honest. It’s so easy to get focused on MY needs that I don’t listen to God or see the need right in front of my face.

  • Raun Lauterbach

    I know! It freaks me out a bit too!