How to grill a Stufz Stuffed Burger using a 2 zone fire

The key to grilling the perfect Stufz stuffed burger is to utilize a 2 zone fire.  The video below shows step by step how to use your Stufz stuffed burger maker and your backyard grill to make juicy, grilled perfection!

To create a 2 zone fire on a charcoal grill, place all of your coals on one side of the grill.  This creates a hot zone for searing and a safe zone for indirect grilling.  The magic of the 2 zone fire is that it allows you to move your burgers as they finish searing to the safe zone to cook through the rest of the way without bursting (or at least minimizing leakage).
A 2 zone fire is also easy to make on a gas grill.  Simply turn the heat up all the way on half the grill and leave the other burners off.  If you need a little more heat in your safe zone, you could turn that burner on low.  Just watch your Stufz burgers closely if you go that route.

As you can see, the versatility of the Stufz Ultimate Stuffed Burger System provides limitless ways to enjoy stuffed burgers.  If you’d like to give Stufz a try, click here.

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