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In my post last Wednesday, “Rest is Part of the Creative Process,” I talked about a trip to Missouri.  I thought it would be fun to share some photos and videos from the trip, so here you go!

This first video is a bit of a time-lapse going from St. Paul, MN toward Kansas City, MO.  The battery died just past the Missouri border, but it’s pretty close.  True story:  The stop and go traffic at the beginning of the video was due to a slow-moving tree.


We took a walk along the Missouri River at Berkley Riverfront Park.


We had the opportunity to see the Armour Swift Burlington Bridge raise to allow a barge to go under it. This bridge is one of only two in the world with this type of design. The Bridge was originally built to allow rail traffic on the bottom and cars on the top. The bridge raises without affecting the car traffic. That’s some slick engineering!


Maramec Spring Park in St. James, MO was a really pleasant surprise. We saw the signs off the freeway and decided to stop there. Here’s a slide show of what we saw.


Here’s a walk along the stream that leads out of Maramec Spring itself. The spring puts out an average of 93 million gallons of 56 degree water every day.


Due to the constant flow of relatively warm water, the stream never freezes. This makes it perfect for raising trout to supply the ample recreational trout fishing industry. There are several holding areas for trout to stay until they are large enough to release downstream.


We made a trip to St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch and had an opportunity to watch a tour helicopter take off.


On the way back, Liz took a bunch of pictures of the many barns along our route back through Missouri and Iowa.





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