What a HOT week!

This past week, we’ve seen some incredibly hot and humid weather.  My sister got married on Saturday and family flew and drove in to the Milwaukee, WI area to celebrate.  The gift opening was on Sunday at my parents house.  At one point, there were 44 people in the house.  It was sooo hot that nobody would venture outside for more than a couple of minutes.  Monday’s weather was just as caustic outside. 

We drove back home to Saint Paul on Tuesday and got back just in time for my softball game.  At gametime, the heat index was almost 120 degrees!

Photo Courtesy of NWS

Photo Courtesy of NWS

This begs the question — How do you stay cool when it is soo hot?  Normally, I bring plenty of ice water and I wear a moisture-wicking shirt under my jersey.  We didn’t think that would be enough.  Liz offered up the idea of taking a cooler full of ice with some towels in it.  This was genious!  Between innings, I put the cold, and at this point wet, towels on my head or around my neck.  It made a huge difference.  After a few minutes with the towel, I felt refreshed and reenergized.
What tricks to you have to stay cool in the heat of summer?  Please share below!
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