Current Hard Work Update — May 8, 2012

Wow, what a busy week.  I can’t remember if there has been a week where my first post came on a Friday.  Way behind…  Anyway, here’s a short update on what’s been going on in our kingdom.

  • We started out the week by getting the second half of our windows replaced.  The first half were replaced 3 years ago, so it’s been a long time coming.  The results are fantastic and worth every hard-earned penny.  (If you’re in the Twin Cities and need to have windows, siding, roofing, or deck work done, contact Timberland Exteriors.  We’ve used them twice and they went above the call of duty both times.)
  • I played softball two nights this week, both in torrential downpours.  Tuesday night’s rain drops were the biggest I’ve ever seen.  Each drop left a crater on the infield dirt almost an inch in diameter.  Very strange.
  • I mentioned, in a post last week, that I was looking forward to receiving my copy of The Homemade Pantry.  Well, it arrived and I paged through it.  There are lots of possibilities in this book.  I already made my first batch of vanilla ice cream from the book.  Turned out pretty good!
Sundae with homemade vanilla ice cream

Sundae with homemade vanilla ice cream

  • I’ve been testing a new BBQ product lately and it passed the test.  Pretty soon, it will be available in the Shop, but until then, hush hush.
  • In my last Current Hard Work update, I stated my new sales goal was to hit $1500 in a rolling 60-day period.  I have news… I blew past it and crossed over the $2000 mark.  Sweet!

Once last thing… A major component of my Current Hard Work list, participating in Let’s Blog Off, is coming to an end.  The guys who started Let’s Blog Off, in 2010, have decided that it’s time to move on to greener pastures, so this Tuesday’s edition will be the last.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to add my two cents there yet, but it has been fun and a learning experience for me to have participated over the past 7 months.

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  • Josh Bulloc

    what kinds of things are you selling to make that $

  • Raun Lauterbach

     I’ll email you some details…