The Last Mile vs. The Extra Mile

In our culture, there is a lot of emphasis on going the extra mile.  Some people do it solely to stoke their ego.  Some people do it to be kind.  Either way, helping people is a good thing.

I contend that it would be better to focus on the last mile.  The “Last Mile” is a telecommunications term meaning to run the last stretch of cable to the customer’s building.  If the cable is just an inch too short, the phone company might as well not exist.

Many people call themselves “self-starters.”  I’m not sure I’m one of them, but I am a starter.  The problem is I’m not a very good finisher.  I don’t go the last mile.  Sure, I’ll go the extra mile.  But not the last mile.  Way too often.

The Hard Work Network has helped me become a better finisher.  I still have a long way to go.  I haven’t completed everything I’ve set out to accomplish.  Does that make me a failure?  Maybe.  Still, I’m a lot farther along than I would have been if not for defining my goals and working toward them.  There are things that are done.

What last mile have you been avoiding?  What last miles are actually last inches?  What can you COMPLETE today?

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  • Josh Bulloc

    I can relate to not being a good finisher. Part of it is that I get distracted too easily.

  • Raun Lauterbach

    I tend to get excited about the next idea before finishing the current one. Every day is a challenge to make the decision to finish.