Saint Paul Winter Carnival 2012

Back in 1886, a reporter from New York described Saint Paul, then the fastest growing city in the country, as “another Siberia, unfit for human habitation in the winter.”  To prove him wrong, the people of Saint Paul organized their first Winter Carnival.

There are events going on all around the area including ice carving, geo-caching, ice skating, art shows, a couple of parades, music, formal events, and fireworks.  Every once in a while, with enough funding, they build an ice palace.

2004 Saint Paul WInter Carnival Ice Palace

2004 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace

An entire legend was created around the battle between winter and spring.  The carnival starts out with crowning of Boreas, the King of the Winds, and the Queen of the Snows.  At the end, Vulcanus Rex, the god of Fire overthrows the king and spring is able to return.

The past couple of years, we haven’t participated in a whole lot.  This year, the big hurrah at the end of the carnival is on Liz’s birthday, so I think we’ll probably go to the torchlight parade and watch some fireworks. We might even make it to the overthrow.


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