World’s longest brat and a 12 foot apple pie

We took the short drive to Prescott, WI for Labor Day to partake in festivities surrounding an attempt at a world record bratwurst and the state’s largest apple pie.

World's Longest Beer Bratwurst

A makeshift grill was made from cinder blocks forming a long trench.  Charcoal was added to the trench and lit.  Alongside the grill was a trough holding a giant bun.

Bratwurst Grill

The bratwurst was rolled out onto the grill foot by foot.  As the brat cooked, several people lined up shoulder to shoulder and, on cue, rolled the brat a quarter turn to continue cooking.

One the brat was cooked, a long tape measure was rolled out — the official tape measure — to measure the lengths of the cooked brat.  I believe I overheard one of the volunteers say the brat started out at 159 feet, but ended up at the record breaking 152 feet 9 inches.

After the brat was done cooking, we moseyed over to the tent with the pie.  A custom oven had to be built to hold the entire pie, made up of 8 wedge-shaped pie pans.  It was quite an impressive sight.

12 Foot Apple Pie Oven

The giant pie pans were acquired by Herdie Baisden, of Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery last year and this was the perfect opportunity to share some apples from his orchard — 580 pounds of them.

12 Foot Apple Pie

Pieces of pie with ice cream were available for a 3 dollar donation to the local Lions Club.  The pie was delicious!  The crust was nice and thick — and crispy too.

Slice from the 12 food apple pie

The pie fed 2600 people.  I was really surprised to see so many people show up for this event.  There was even a shuttle bus running from a business down the street from the IGA grocery store where this event took place.  What a great way to spend the holiday!

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