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I saw this video floating around Facebook several weeks ago and wanted to share it with you.

I have read through several of the comments in Facebook for this video and those leaving comments seem to fall into one of three distinct camps:  Those that are doing it, those that claim to want to do it, and those that think it is a lie.

To those that are doing it, living life doing what you enjoy, keep it up.  We need that.

To those that claim to want to do it, step out of your place of fear and try.  You don’t have to get there overnight.  You have time.  Start taking the steps necessary to bring your fullest potential to the world!

To those who don’t believe it, you missed the point.
“I’ve got bills to pay!”
“Who’s gonna watch my kids?”
“We need garbage men so not everyone can do what they love.”

If this is what comes to mind when you are asked “What do you desire?” you are destined to stay right where you are.  There are always more options.  If the only choices you allow yourself to see are 100% success or 100% failure, you are going to miss 95% satisfaction and 5% stuff you don’t like that allows 95% satisfaction.

Would 95% satisfaction be success?  I sure think so.  Start looking for “and” solutions.  Not either/or solutions.

I’m sure I’m not going to convince you that the message is true if you don’t believe it, but I’m living it.

What are your thoughts?  Which camp do you find yourself in?  What ways can you challenge yourself to move toward that thing which you were created to do?

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