He’s HERE! Welcome Timothy!

Timothy is here!

Timothy is finally here!

He was born on April 11th, 2013 at 8:21PM.  He weighed 9 pounds, 2.5 ounces and was 22 inches long.  That’s a big boy!

In the week and a half since his arrival, I’ve noticed a few things:

  • My body and multiple feedings and diaper changes during the night don’t mix well.  It’s a finely tuned sleeping machine.  Until now I’ve typically been able to get into bed and be asleep within about 5 minutes and out cold until it was time to wake up.  This getting up every few hours just ain’t right. Normally when I wake up, I’m awake.  No grogginess.  Well, I found where I was storing all of my groggy and I’m tapping into it.
  • Urgency has a new definition.  I have found myself doing normal household chores on a much more frequent basis whenever the opportunity arises.  There used to be a mental conversation where I’d convince myself that it could be done later.  Not anymore.  Any chance to get something done is a chance that needs to be taken.  You never know when the next opportunity will come.
  • Cuteness does not cancel out frustration at 2AM.  Timothy is a cute baby.  I know I’m biased, but he’s cute.  This does not change the fact that at 2AM I want him to fall back asleep after being changed or fed.  I’ve heard that exhaustion is a temporary thing.  I hope that’s true.  :)

What did you learn in the first days or weeks after you brought a baby home?

Timothy with a mohawkTimothy

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  • http://lifestoked.com Deacon Bradley

    Congrats Raun! My first little guy is 9 months old now, and it seems like only yesterday I was where you were. I totally agree with the chores thing. I remember thinking it was strange how I was suddenly the guy doing chores at 6am or on a Friday night (that’s when I could do it, hah). I also remember being so exhausted, both mentally and physically, alllllll the time. For a while anyway :).

    I hope you’re getting some time to adjust to your new role and catch some naps :)

  • http://www.backyardlifeblog.com Raun Lauterbach

    It’ll be cool when he’s to the point where it’s more interactive, but I’m paying attention to what I get to do right now. I haven’t been very good at catching naps when I have the chance yet, but I’ll learn soon enough!

  • james

    Raun, what’s up bro. I see u have a son now, that makes me so happy. Only if you know. I still call u and Mauro my only true friends I had at Rti. Get back. CLAKK101@gmail