Book Review – You can sleep in your car, but you can’t drive your house to work

I just finished reading Sutton Parks’ first book, “You can sleep in your car, but you can’t drive your house to work” and I have to say it was well worth the time.  It’s a short, easy read that packs a real punch.

Sutton has been through the wringer dealing with depression, foreclosure, addiction, and homelessness. Nothing he did ever worked out. He even tried to commit suicide and failed at that!

He realized that his attitude was holding him back.  He turned to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain.  Eventually, he stopped caring.  It took losing everything — his house, his possessions, a few jobs — to clear his mind.  With the help of a couple of special people, he learned gratitude.

The meat of the book covers about a one-year span.  The chapters are short which makes it easy to stop and digest the content before moving on.  My favorite part is the journal entries at the end of the book from his time living in his car.  You can really get into his mind by reading his words from the trenches.

I’m fascinated by Sutton’s ability to evaluate his situation and find the good in it.  While living in his car, he was thankful for a warm, dry place to sleep.  He was thankful for the truck stop where he parked his car and could use the restroom.  He was thankful for the community center where he could work out and take a hot shower for only three dollars.  The world became his oyster.

There’s much more wisdom in this book than I can convey here, so you’ll just have to get it yourself!  I bought the softcover version, but it is also available on the Kindle.

These days, Sutton doesn’t live in his car, owns Cool Springs Office Cleaning, sings, and speaks to groups.  You can connect with Sutton on his website

Click here for an interview Sutton did with Justin Lukasavige of CoachRadio.TV.  Here is another one with Joel Boggess of

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  • Justin Lukasavige

    Great review, Raun. Sutton’s an amazing guy with a great story.

  • Raun Lauterbach

    Thanks, Justin! I’m glad he was so bad at that suicide thing so he can be with us now to share that story.

  • Mrharki

    Great Review Sutton,very proud of you