A handmade Christmas for me this year

Yes, I looked through the Black Friday ads.  There were exactly ZERO things that caught my attention.  That’s highly unusual for me.  I can typically find something that could at least be useful.  I’ve been asked for a Christmas list and I think it’s going to be even harder than usual to come up with something.

My goal this year is to find some trinkets that hold special meaning to me.  Maybe remind me of someone or somewhere.  Things that feel like they belong in my home.

The example of this that stands out the most to me is this:

Custom stained glass panel in the transom over the front door.

Custom stained glass panel in the transom over the front door.

I had this custom stained glass panel made to go above the front door in our 1900 Folk Victorian home.  There had been a transom window above the door at some point in the past but it was removed and the hole was covered over.  I had a hunch that a window had been there.  One day I decided to cut out the drywall above the door to find out.  I was right and we put a window back in its rightful spot.

I had Tara Sawchuk create this beautiful piece of art to go in our new window.  Every time I come down the stairs and see this, I feel like it is the perfect piece to go in that spot in this house at this time.  It may very well be the best purchase I’ve every made!

I’d like to get the same feeling from anything I bring into my home.  I’m tired of mass produced.  I’m tired of cold and meaningless.

For Christmas this year, I want something special.  If it doesn’t add warmth and life, I’m not interested.

What about you? Are you ready for a simpler giving season based on giving meaningful gifts?  Are you ready to seek out gifts that express the value of your relationships?

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