Turkey Burger stuffed with Ham and Provolone – Stufz

Every region has some culinary specialty that they are known for.  In the Twin Cities, it’s the Juicy Lucy (or Jucy Lucy).  It’s two beef patties with cheese in between and then the edges are pressed together before cooking.  This creates a pocket of molten cheesy goodness that oozes almost like fondue in a burger.

This past weekend, I used one of my favorite cooking gadgets.  It is called the Stufz stuffed burger maker.  It makes making stuffed burgers incredibly easy.  The guy who created this thing is a genius.

I like to turn the normal into the unconventional, so I decided to make a version of Chicken Cordon Bleu.  I didn’t have anything I needed to make them, so off to the grocery store I went.  They were out of ground chicken, so I switched to turkey.  The lady of the house doesn’t like Swiss cheese, so I substituted provolone.  Add some smoked ham, throw them on the grill, and you’re done!  Either way, these were delicious.

Here are 2 tips to make using the Stufz burger stuffer easier.
1.  Make sure your meat is REALLY cold.  The heat from your hands warms it up quickly and makes it more difficult to work with.
2.  Spray the inside of the Stufz with nonstick cooking spray.  It helps the formed patties come out easier and with less tendency to tear or pop open.

Check out the results!

Turkey burger stuffed with smoked ham and provolone cheese

What’s your favorite burger stuffing?  Comment below!

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