GUEST POST: Refill Your Emotional Tank with Jen McDonough

This guest post is from my friend Jen McDonough.  If anyone knows about Living Beyond Awesome, it’s her! Interested in writing a guest post for Here are the guidelines.

Jen McDonough, Live Beyond Awesome

Jen McDonough and family

Life is fun and adventurous for our family of six these days. Lots of transition, lots of projects going on and lots of change. If I am honest however, I will admit there are times I have felt a bit overwhelmed at the amount of things I have intentionally “put on my plate.”

Haven’t we all felt this way at times? We feel overwhelmed, tired, and even a bit stressed. What is the best way I have found for helping get through these times?

Simple, take action to find ways to refill my emotional tank.

This usually includes doing what I THINK I don’t have time for. For me, it includes spending quality time with my family, exercising, and just plain slowing down to enjoy life.

While I was thinking about the week ahead and all the work I had to do, I realized, I was starting to run low on my emotional tank. So, doing what feels counter intuitive, I intentionally snuggled in with my favorite husband while we chit chatted, went for a 3 mile walk with my mom, ran for 2 miles by myself with some great inspirational podcasts playing, and spent the whole afternoon with my family at one of our small town festivals.

Amador Apple Festival

Amador Apple Festival

What a blast it was to not only have an adventurous fun time with my family, but also to see others around us doing the same. Young or old, it didn’t matter as people just seemed to enjoy strolling around, enjoying some incredible homemade treats, and/or just plain people watching.

If you are “busy” running around and are feeling depleted, I hope you are able to take action to find ways to refill your emotional tank and start enjoying the backyard life.

Live Beyond Awesome.

“The Iron Jen”
Twitter: @TheIronJen

Jen McDonough (The Iron Jen) enjoys sharing stories of hope and inspiration through her books, speaking engagements, and her blogs. Jen lives in Lindstrom, MN with her four awesome kids, two spirited dogs, one handsome husband, and her ugly mortgage. She is the author of Living Beyond Awesome which hit Amazon’s top 100 in the category of Transformation and Triathlon Living Beyond Rich which is due out 12/4/12.

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  • Jen McDonough

    Raun, THANK YOU so very, very much for letting me guest post and for our kind words about living beyond awesome! I am enjoying learning about backyard living as well my friend!
    Many thanks!
    Live Beyond Awesome!

  • Raun Lauterbach

    Thank you for sharing your message!