Current Hard Work Update — January 6, 2012

I finally finished the most challenging line item on my Current Hard Work list.  My pantry doors have been stained and installed.  It only took 2 years.  The worst part was that it didn’t take a whole lot of time to get the job done.  I had to overcome some insane amount of inertia to get started, though.  I’m glad it’s done and it is the best staining job I’ve done to this point, so kudos for me!

I made a few changes to my Current Hard Work list.  I broke it into 2 categories.  The first category is “Continual Effort Projects.”  These are line items that I know I need to keep on there to keep me focused on consistent progress.  They are projects that never actually get completed.  They just get improved upon.

The second category is “Do It Once Projects.”  These are projects that have a well defined endpoint.  They actually get crossed off the list.  The speed of rotation on this list is the real measure of progress.

I added a new line item to my Do It Once Projects list.  I am going to write, edit, and publish what I affectionately call “The Bus Story,” otherwise known as “I can’t wait to get to Tomah.”  It’s a great story and it needs to be written down.  It’s too good to be subject to my memory.

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If you choose to join, go to and fill out the form.  James will take care of you.  Let’s form a community to encourage, persuade, and inspire each other to get the hard work done.  To send a message to the Hard Work Network community on Twitter, be sure to use hashtag #HWN.  Save a search for hashtag #HWN to see have other members’ tweets to show up in your Twitter stream.

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