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Cutting the cord — The decision to quit Cable TV

We waffled over the decision for days about whether or not to quit cable TV.  It was really a technicality.  We knew the answer.  We just couldn’t admit it yet.  In my post, Sacrifice is Hard to Swallow, I mentioned … Continue reading

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Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

This is not a political post.  This is a take control of your own life post.  I’m tired of hearing people complain about how they are going to be affected by who is in office or how they dodged a … Continue reading

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The Chase versus The Catch

Don’t forsake the Chase for the results of the Catch. Too often, we chase after the prestige and apparent “overnight success” instead of focusing on the journey. I’m all too guilty of this. I think it’s why I haven’t defined … Continue reading

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Camera Therapy — Let’s Blog Off

Growing up in my family, vacation usually meant traveling around the great lakes to photograph lighthouses.  I frequently followed behind my dad with my mom’s SLR camera and lugging camera bags.  Liz and I have continued this tradition.  Sure, the … Continue reading

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More About Me And Where I’m Going

I’ve been fighting the urge to bring work and money into this blog, seeing BackyardLifeBlog.com as a respite from that world.  It occurred to me that I’m really more interested in compete satisfaction in life and not just on my … Continue reading

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