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Current Hard Work Update March 28, 2012

I have 2 updates today.  One is about past performance and the other is a new opportunity. Last update, I mentioned that I marched past my goal of $500 of Ebay sales within a rolling 60 day period.  Well, as … Continue reading

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How to build Paco Warabi’s MultiPod Camera System

I’m often asked what camera equipment I use to shoot my photos and video so I thought I’d sprinkle in some posts about what I use.  Today’s edition features my 1/2 inch version of Paco Warabi’s MultiPod. What is the … Continue reading

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A record setting day in Saint Paul

St. Patrick’s Day in Saint Paul is a big deal.  Every year, there’s a parade along with plenty of drunken commotion in the streets until the wee hours of the morning.  Usually St. Patrick’s Day is either cold, wet, or … Continue reading

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The Last Mile vs. The Extra Mile

In our culture, there is a lot of emphasis on going the extra mile.  Some people do it solely to stoke their ego.  Some people do it to be kind.  Either way, helping people is a good thing. I contend … Continue reading

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Giving New Meaning to “Budget Vacation”

A couple of times a year, I get a hankerin’.  It’s always the same hankerin’.  I want to get a piece of heavily wooded land, build a small cabin, and spend a lot of time there.  I don’t care about … Continue reading

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