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There’s nothing like Saint Paul in Wintertime…I guess

So far, the cold 8 months of the year we call Winter has been very unusual.  We didn’t get our first hard freeze until October.  We didn’t see any snow until December.  I’m not sure the temperature has dropped below … Continue reading

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7 reasons to cook in a cast iron dutch oven

I received a pair of Lodge Logic 6-Quart Pre-Seasoned Dutch Ovens for Christmas this year and to celebrate, here’s a list of features that make cast iron dutch ovens an important part of my outdoor cooking arsenal.   Cast iron … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!


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How to set up a charcoal grill for indirect cooking

Indirect cooking is one of those indispensable techniques for turning out fabulous food.  It just so happens that it is also easy to do. Indirect grilling is the method to use when grilling larger cuts of meat, for slow cooking, … Continue reading

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What is Quality? — Let’s Blog Off

Quality is an interesting thing.  Many people claim to have “an eye for quality.”  I think it goes deeper than being able to spot well-made products with hefty price tags.  Anyone can do that.  From my perspective, if something lasts … Continue reading

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